Provincia di Isernia
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Provincia di Isernia

Album title: Provincia di Isernia
General information
  • Entity: Amministrazione provinciale di Isernia
  • Member State: ITALIA
  • Region: MOLISE
  • Population of the region: 319780 hab.
  • Province: Isernia
  • Population of the province: 88.694 hab.
  • Capital of the province: Isernia
  • Employees of the province: 157
  • planning and strategic planning of the territory,
  • soil conservation,
  • protection and enhancement of the environment (water resources, energy and waste disposal),
  • enhancement of cultural heritage
  • active employment policies
  • secondary level education, vocational training, including school buildings
European programs in which the Province was involved
  • Life
  • Lifelong learning Programme
  • Leader Plus
  • Equal
European network
  • Partenalia
  • Eurodesk


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